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The XYSensing company is run by a three-person management board composed of experienced managers and scientists.

prof. dr hab.inż. Piotr SAMCZYŃSKI – CEO

dr hab.inż. Jacek MISIUREWICZ – Board Member

dr Robert ŁUKAWSKI – Board Member

The mission of XY-Sensing is to meet the needs of private and public customers based on the offered high-quality, modern products tailored to individual needs and expectations, ensuring the acquisition, processing and timely delivery of information necessary to build situational awareness, using radio-electronic sensors.

XY-Sensing’s vision is to constantly strive to improve the products it creates, thus enabling it to become a recognizable and recognized provider of high-class solutions in the field of radar sensors and intelligent electronic warfare systems on global markets.

The XY-Sensing profile includes three product groups that use the basic capabilities and competences of the company’s staff, i.e. acquiring, analyzing, processing and modifying radio signals in a wide spectrum of frequencies. The company’s individual specialization areas, reflected in practical technological and product solutions, include: SAR and ISAR imaging radar technologies, passive and reduced probability of detection radar technologies, and electronic warfare technologies.

Our locations

As an entity established as a spin-off of the Warsaw University of Technology, we benefit from preferences in the use of the university’s infrastructure. The XY-Sensing company operates in three locations. The company’s headquarters is located in premises 022A in the building of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, where we also use the available laboratory network. The second place of business is the XY-Sensing office together with the office for processing classified information and conducting licensing activities, located in the building of the Innovation Center of the Warsaw University of Technology. The third location is software production offices rented by the Company in the PolnaCorner building.

Our partners

While implementing our mission, we ensure proper implementation with all entities, and above all with our regular partners from Poland and abroad.


XY-Sensing is a credible and reliable manufacturer and partner that meets the highest standards and market requirements as well as regulations in the field of trading materials and solutions of strategic importance. We have a classified information protection system, an internal control system and a license.

Ethic code

The Company’s area of ​​activity is extremely sensitive and demanding because it is directly related to strengthening the security and defense system of the state and individual entities…


As a responsible employer and manufacturer, we ensure the confidentiality of information obtained in the economic process. In this respect, we meet the requirements of national and European Union law.

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